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Höll offers several possiblities for your next special event. We can accommodate up to 60 people. Selections range from light lunches to country-style dinners served with earthenware & wood boards. We offer local wine by the glass as well as wine tastings that feature the best wines found in the Franken region. Whatever the event, your friends, business partners, or tour group will enjoy the medieval atmosphere of the oldest and one of the most beautiful houses in Rothenburg. Zur Höll hosts groups of more than 70 people at the nearby Reichsstadthalle, a large restored medieval hall with ancient stone walls. For each kind of special event, a description appears by clicking on the event title found below.

Franken Wine Glass
Burggasse 8, D-91541 Rothenburg o.d.T, Germany
Tel 49-9861-4229, Fax 49-9861-87811

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Country-Style Dinner
Wine Tasting
Franken Vesper
Night Watch Wine Fest
Lite Luncheon

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